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Furthermore, it seems essential that consumers are educated on the potential health risks, mirroring the warnings given out by cities like Berkeley. This initiative might also spur developments in technology aiming to reduce SAR levels in smartphones, prioritizing user safety over commercial gains.

Moreover, the industry needs to adopt a transparent approach, where possible adverse health implications are not cloaked under the garb of technological advancements. This scenario mirrors the Ford Pinto case, urging us to ponder – is history repeating itself with different players in a different era?

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As consumers, it’s imperative to remain informed and possibly adopt precautionary measures to limit exposure to mobile phone radiation. Meanwhile, the industry should perhaps prioritize safety over profits, steering clear of a path that once led to the infamous recall of Ford Pinto, a glaring example of corporate greed over consumer safety.

As we stand on the cusp of what could be a significant shift in the perception of mobile phone usage, one hopes that the lessons from history serve as a beacon, guiding us to make informed and safe choices. The story of the iPhone 15 series might just be the prologue to a broader narrative that encompasses the well-being of society at large. Let us wait and watch how this narrative unfolds, hopefully steering towards a future that harmonizes technological advancements with the well-being of its users.




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