WPAGI Perform complex multi-step reasoning

AI Chain Of Thought Prompting Techniques

“Provide a historical overview of [TOPIC]. How has it evolved over time?” Here are 50 unique ways to gain perspective on a topic: Historical Perspective: “Provide a historical overview of...

AI in website editor

Write a [B-Part of the article- |Title|Summery|Intro|Excerpt| ~Title~] for an article using markdown equal to H1 heading tags about ” [A-TOPIC- |10| ~TOPIC~]” in [Language ~LANG~]. Style: [Writing Style...

Fitness over 50

  Furthermore, it seems essential that consumers are educated on the potential health risks, mirroring the warnings given out by cities like Berkeley. This initiative might also spur developments in...

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Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story

You are an experienced children’s author and I want you to write a short bedtime story for a [D-Boy-or Girl- |Girl|Boy| ~Girl~] called [child’s name ~ Melanie ~] who is [D-Age- |20| Age ~5~] years old. The story should...

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